HB Residence

Socrete cast floor on stairs in HB Residence by Studio Leeman
Dining room HB Residence by Studio Leeman with Socrete cast floor
Socrete on curved steps in HB Residence by Studio Leeman
Kitchen with interconnected seating area and cupboard in Socrete
Bespoke cupboard in kitchen with Socrete
Modern bathroom with Socrete cast floor

Socrete extends over several surfaces throughout this striking residence. The fluid nature of the material creates a seamless transition between fireplace furniture, stairs and the adjoining dining room to create a visually cohesive space.

The bathroom, imbued with a sense of luxury and serenity, is also enriched by Socrete. The material's water-resistant properties make it not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing to create a space where tranquillity and sophistication are at the centre.

This sophistication is reflected in the kitchen where this mineral resin floor is creatively used to connect bespoke furniture. The floor flows effortlessly into the seating area, becomes one with the furniture and then flows into the built-in cabinet for a stunning overall finish. This seamless integration not only brings comfort and style together, but also defines the interior space in a unique way.

This residence demonstrates how a mineral resin floor is not just a practical choice, but a creative medium that transcends the boundaries of traditional floor design. It unites spaces, creates cohesion, and offers the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

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