Carran op trappen in Restaurant Rebelle
Carran op baliemeubel in Restaurant Rebelle
Carran op wastafel in Restaurant Rebelle
Carran op stand in Restaurant Rebelle


Carran is a mineral resin floor that embraces the raw beauty of nature and combines it with refined elegance.

This fusion of minerals and resins delivers a seamless and authentic floor finish that is distinguished in terms of application and appearance.

As an innovative floor covering, Carran combines the power of modern technology with the most natural, pristine ingredients.

Fluid Spaces

As a resin system, Carran lends itself to a variety of surfaces such as floors, walls, stairs, furniture and wet rooms such as showers. With its seamless application, Carran connects spaces for a fluid, cohesive interior that leaves an impression.

Raw but refined

A select group of natural rocks was chosen to create Carran, with each stone having its own character and texture. This creates subtle shades and textural variations that excite the senses. The result is a composition in which raw power and refinement come together, creating a unique tactile experience for your interior.

Slim yet durable

With a limited build-up height, Carran can be perfectly placed over cement screeds and existing concrete or tile floors. This makes the material suitable for both new construction and renovation projects. Carran is also particularly wear- and scratch-resistant and fully adapted to today's living and working environments.

The benefits of Carran
Voordelen van Carran
Beautiful nuances through natural pigments and natural stones
Unique look
Applicable in bathrooms, showers, on stairs and over custom-made furniture
Dirt-repellent and easy to maintain
2,5 mm height
Scratch and wear-resistant
Perfectly compatible with underfloor heating
Applicable in new buildings and renovations
Available in 15 colours

Kleurcollectie Carran

Laat u inspireren door de kleurencollectie van Carran! Geef uw interieur de juiste look en feel met onze brede waaier aan hedendaagse kleuren. Hou rekening dat de weergave op uw scherm mogelijks niet exact overeenkomt met de werkelijke kleur van de vloer.

Layer composition

6-layer system

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