Cast Floors

A cast floor is a seamless floor that is poured to crystallize into a durable solid floor finish.

In our offering of flooring solutions you will discover the products Mellow, Endur and Socrete, as well as their applications in walk-in showers and stairs. Our products create seamless transitions between floors and walls, and bring an unlimited freedom to designers. They combine seamlessly with other materials and truly showcase your favourite objects .

Cast floors


Soft, smooth and easy to maintain: the Liquid Mellow is a unique cast floor for a sleek and spatial effect. From floors to walk-in showers and stairs, the Mellow combines unprecedented flatness with walking comfort and ease of maintenance. Winning floor system at the IWT Innovation Awards 2015.


Socrete is a mineral resin floor with natural nuances. The floor delivers a tactile and worn effect. A silky and smooth finish delivers a soft and natural surface. The strength of Socrete makes this product applicable on almost any surface. Socrete surprises and unites.


Carran is a mineral resin floor that embraces the raw beauty of nature and combines it with refined elegance. This fusion of minerals and resins delivers a seamless and authentic floor finish that is distinguished in terms of application and end result.


Sustainability and endurance is the essence of the Endur, a cast floor with very high resistance values. The high pressure strength of this resin floor results sustains heavy traffic and point loads.

Liquid Bathrooms

Our bathroom finishes bring peace and tranquility. The sleek design gives your bathroom a pure and serene look. Liquidfloors smoothly connects the walls with the bathroom floor in walk-in showers. Integrating a bathtub in the very same material brings a feeling of total unity.

Liquid Steps

A fluent transition between cast floors, what could be better? Liquid Steps are unique stair constructions for a seamless transition between floors on different levels. L- or Z- shaped stairs or rather a nice set of floating steps? Cast floors applied on stairs is a specialisation at Liquidfloors. Enjoy pleasant comfort and a unique look.

Carefree maintenance

Carefree maintenance of your cast floor

Cast floors can be cleaned faster and more efficiently than any other traditional floor system. The smooth and seamless surface of a Liquid Floor guarantees hygiene and easy maintenance.

Although resin floors are resistant to most acids and chemicals due to their industrial roots, not every maintenance product is suitable for cleaning your cast floor.

As with other floors, cast floors thrive under specific maintenance that cleans, but also protects and nourishes. Liquidfloors has developed a customised and simple cleaning program, so that you may enjoy your special floor for a long time. Without streaks or stains!

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