Restaurant Rebelle

Interior restaurant Rebelle with Carran cast floor stairs
Carran on counter at Rebelle restaurant
Carran on table foot in Rebelle restaurant
Carran on sink in Rebelle restaurant
Carran on tabletop at Rebelle restaurant
Carran on stairs and floor in dining room at Rebelle restaurant

Star restaurant Rebelle reopened its doors after an extensive renovation and chose CARRAN to bring a visual and tactile touch throughout the interior. The choice of Carran is not purely decorative; it reflects Monrow Interior Architects' innovative approach to applying materials in new and surprising ways. The result is an interior that stimulates the senses and invites guests to a unique and memorable culinary experience.

One of the most striking uses of this coarse mineral resin floor, are the stairs that continue to the dining area under a dome. Here, the floor not only gives a robust and contemporary look, it also provides a captivating contrast with Thalostuc by Odilon Creations that was installed on the walls here.

This versatile finish goes beyond just floors and walls, however, Carran also leaves its mark on the bespoke furniture. You are welcomed in style thanks to the entrance desk where Carran embraces the curves of this designer furniture. As well as the table tops which are given a rough, refined texture for an extra tactile dimension while dining.

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